New editions of the Torre de Oña and Áster Club de Cosecheros

Torre de Oña
November 30, 2015

We are looking at two very special wines, both made and selected by our winemaker Julio Sáenz for the exclusive enjoyment of Club Members. They clearly state all the character of their respective erredehierrobaja (22)terroirs —one located in the Ribera del Duero and the other in the so-called ‘Golden Mile’ of Rioja Alavesa. We are presenting two new editions of the Áster and Torre de Oña Club de Cosecheros, now open for subscription. It is a unique opportunity to toast with your own terroir wine starting from the spring of 2017.

Character, freshness, fruit and balance. These are the main features of the two wines made by our winemaker with grapes from selected plots for the new editions of the two Club de Cosecheros —Áster (2011 vintage) and Torre de Oña (2012 vintage).

The two exclusive Reserva wines—they are not sold anywhere else— have started their bottle ageing stage and, when they are ready, only Club members will be able to toast with them in their most special celebrations. From the spring of 2017, we will be delivering the half barrels (20 cases or 6 bottles) of the Áster Club de Cosecheros and the full barrels (40 cases of 6 bottles) of the Torre de Oña Club de Cosecheros. You can also subscribe to half a barrel (20 cases) at Torre de Oña. Of course, in addition to your wine, you will enjoy all the added benefits of being part of our Club: free tours of our cellars, discounts on purchases, special offers, custom labels and more.

Let yourself be seduced by the personality and style of two magnificent wines, made only for you, which will take you to two renowned wine-growing areas —Ribera del Duero and Rioja Alavesa. You can request more information and already subscribe for your cask at:

947 522 700

945 621 154

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