In 2016 we inaugurated modern facilities to optimise our entire production process. This deep remodelling is a major winemaking and technological leap which is sure to have a very positive effect on wine quality starting this vintage. Renovations were undertaken in the crush pad, vinification area and barrel ageing halls.

New features include an automated tipping system for the small boxes in which the grapes are brought into the winery and a new pivoting destemmer which prevents the grapes from breaking. Another key innovation is the optical sorter which digitally scans every berry, only letting through those which meet the stringent quality requirements set by our winemaking team.

So the grapes remain intact from the vines to the fermentation tanks, they are transported in so-called IFOs, small 2000 kilo tanks which are “flown in” hanging from cranes, thereby doing away with the need for crushing and pumping. Pre-fermentation macerations and fermentations are to take place in 18 stainless steel tapered tanks, with a capacity of 20,000 litres. They are fitted withcooling/heating jackets, a key element for perfect malolactic fermentation. A new press with a softer, smoother operation allows for more controlled cycles and less oxidation.

Renovations include the installation of air conditioning equipment in the barrel ageing halls to renew and maintain the air at the right temperature and humidity. This is fed by a new cooling and heating facility to help reduce energy consumption. It is a highly sustainable and efficient system which reflects the firm environmental commitment of our Group.