The stone winery, with its well cared for installations, is ideal for winemaking and maturing. We would like to highlight the following:

Experimental Area

Nave de ExperimentaciónThis part of the winery contains small batches of barrels where our winemaker, Julio Sáenz, carries out different tests and trials to continually improve the quality of our wines, and ensure their ongoing adaptation to current times. Many different trials are carried during the year, such as for example analysing the effects of different types of oak, different blends, etc., on maturity. As a result of these experiments and thanks to the good results obtained, barrel malolactic fermentation was introduced to the winemaking process and maturing in oak barrels from the Caucasus, first applied in Torre de Oña 2007.

Fermentation building

Nave de FermentaciónFollowing manual and selective grape harvesting, and subsequent transfer to small trailers, the grape enters the winery via reception hoppers, where it is destemmed. The grape is then placed, depending on source plot and grape variety (Tempranillo or Mazuelo), in one of 18 refrigerated stainless steel tanks. Here the must undergoes alcoholic fermentation (transformation of sugar into alcohol) followed later, after pumping off free run wine and pressing skins, by malolactic fermentation (conversion of malic acid into lactic acid). With Torre de Oña 2007, 50% of the wine underwent this second barrel fermentation stage.

Barrel ageing

TrasiegaOur wines develop their unique identity thanks to contact with French, American and Caucasian oak, for as long as stipulated by our winemaker.

Torre de Oña currently has 2,500 barrels, 68% of which are made of French oak from Allier and Burgundy, which highlight the freshness and aroma of our vineyards, 16% from American oak providing sophistication and elegance to the Tempranillos in the estate, and the remaining 16% from Caucasian oak, which provides Torre de Oña with very soft, very sweet tannin, fresh notes and an interesting unctuousness in the mouth. Here we also decant the wine from one barrel to another, which – as at other wineries in the Group – we do every six months using traditional means and by candlelight.

Ageing Cellar

BotelleroAfter barrel ageing, Torre de Oña wines are bottled and their rounding started through silent ageing on the bottle rack. Here the wine is reduced and rounded through the best integration of tastes and aromas, developing aromas that are enveloping and very agreeable. This building also contains a very special wine cellar, where we keep bottles of all the vintages produced in the history of the winery. Also, here our winemaker performs vertical tastings and checks the evolution of the wines throughout the years.