What is the club

Our Club de Cosecheros (Harvester’s Club) is faithful to the spirit in which it was created: mutual trust. The trust of its members, who purchase a wine yet to be created. For its part, the winery is fully committed to its loyal members: by selecting certain plots of land for growing and subsequently making exclusive wines, only in the best years, and which cannot be bought on the market.

Membership of the Torre de Oña Club de Cosecheros brings these exclusive advantages:

  • Receive the equivalent of a barrel (240 bottles) or the equivalent of half a barrel (20 cases of 6 bottles) of Reserva wine created exclusively by our winemaker, with an exclusive Club label on which we can include the description, name, etc. of your choice.
  • Discounts on wine purchased from the winery.
  • Preferential use of our private dining rooms, at Torre de Oña, La Rioja Alta, S.A., Lagar de Cervera and Áster.
  • Preferential use of our Wine Tourism houses at Torre de Oña and Áster
  • Free winery visits with family and friends.
  • Club de Cosecheros Bulletin (quarterly) and up to date news by email.
  • Seasonal offers.
  • Exclusive Club de Cosecheros Christmas catalogue, with select gastronomy, wine and wine related products.
  • Membership card.
  • Unlimited access to the virtual Club de Cosecheros shop on this website.
  • Option of a first tasting of your barrel of wine at the winery.